Radiohead – The Best Of

      Andy Kellman: ‘ The year 2008 might have been a slightly early point in time to release expanded editions of the first several Radiohead albums, so Capitol greased the reissue pipeline with Radiohead – The Best Of, a 17-track disc with a track list that is as debatable as any other. The idea of squeezing the band’s first six albums into something resembling a definitive one-disc introduction seems almost as wise as presenting A Collection of Great Dance Songs (incidentally a Capitol release) as the one true and useful introduction to Pink Floyd, but to be more fair, the disc does cover just about all of the basics: all the singles and emphasis tracks, from Pablo Honey’s “Creep” through Hail to the Thief’s “2+2=5,” along with a small assortment of the band’s better-known album cuts. One track apiece comes from Pablo Honey (1993) and Amnesiac (2001); three are from Kid A (2000), four are from OK Computer (1997), and six are off The Bends (1995). …’


Radiohead – The Best Of Tracklist

  1.  “Just” (from The Bends) – 0:00
  2.  “Paranoid Android” (from OK Computer) – 3:54
  3.  “Karma Police” (from OK Computer) – 10:21
  4.  “Creep” (from Pablo Honey) – 14:46
  5.  “No Surprises” (from OK Computer) – 18:43
  6.  “High and Dry” (from The Bends) – 22:32
  7.  “My Iron Lung” (from The Bends) – 26:50
  8.  “There There” (from Hail to the Thief) – 31:26
  9.  “Lucky” (from The Help Album and OK Computer) – 36:48
  10.  “Fake Plastic Trees” (from The Bends) – 41:07
  11.  “Idioteque” (radio edit) (originally from Kid A) – 45:59
  12.  “2 + 2 = 5” (from Hail to the Thief) – 50:37
  13.  “The Bends” (from The Bends) – 53:56
  14.  “Pyramid Song” (from Amnesiac) – 58:01
  15.  “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” (from The Bends) – 1:02:51
  16.  “Everything in Its Right Place” (from Kid A) – 1:07:05

Radiohead - The Best Of

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