Rick Wakeman – The Six Wives of Henry VIII

Rick Wakeman – The Six Wives of Henry VIII

      Mike DeGagne: ‘Not only did this album help pave the way for progressive rock, but it also introduced the unbridled energy and overall effectiveness of the synthesizer as a bona fide instrument. Six Wives gave Wakeman his chance to break away from the other instrumental complexities that made up Yes and allowed him to prove what a driving force the keyboard could truly be, especially in full album form. More than just synthesized wandering, Wakeman astoundingly conjures up a separate musical persona by way of an instrumental ode to each of Henry VIII’s wives through his dazzling use of the Mellotron, Moog, and Hammond C-3 organ. …… Yes bassist Chris Squire lends a hand on “Catherine of Aragon,” while guitarist Steve Howe and drummer Bill Bruford appear on a few tracks as well, as does former Strawbs member Dave Cousins, playing the electric banjo. Rick Wakeman – The Six Wives of Henry VIII unleashes the unyielding power of the keyboard as a dominant instrument, but also displays Wakeman at the beginning of an extremely resplendent career as a solo musician.’

– Rick Wakeman / pianos, organ, harpsi chord, synthesizers, mellotrons
+ Bill Bruford / drums (1-5)
– Ray Cooper / percussion (1-5)
– David Cousins / electric banjo (3)
– Chas Cronk / bass (3)
– Barry de Souza / drums (3)
– Mike Egan / guitar (1-2-5-6)
– Steve Howe / guitar (1)
– Les Hurdle / bass (1-5)
– Dave Lambert / guitar (3)
– Laura Lee / chorus (5)
– Sylvia McNeill / chorus (5)
– Judy Powell / chorus (1)
– Frank Ricotti / percussion (2-3-6)
– Barry St.John / chorus (1)
– Chris Squire / bass (1)
– Liza Strike / chorus (1-5)


Rick Wakeman – The Six Wives of Henry VIII Tracklist

  1. A1 Catherine of Aragon 00:00
  2. A2 Anne of Cleves 03:45
  3. A3 Catherine Howard 11:38
  4. B1 Jane Seymour 18:16
  5. B2 Anne Boleyn 23:04
  6. B3 Catherine Parr 29:37

Rick Wakeman - The Six Wives of Henry VIII

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