Royal Blood – Royal Blood

Royal Blood – Royal Blood

      Scott Kerr: ‘The bludgeoning opener to Royal Blood’s self-titled debut, “Out of the Black” is a riff-fueled onslaught that belies their two-piece status; with just a heavily processed bass guitar and a drum set between them, they make some four-piece rock bands look inconsequential. … In roughly a year together Royal Blood have learned quickly, ….. Combining crushing drums and Kerr’s hybrid bass setup — which is ingeniously split through both a bass amp and a guitar amp, with pitch-shifters, modulation, and heavy distortion bolstering the rugged sound — the duo draws immediate comparisons to luminaries the White Stripes, with “Loose Change” bearing significant familiarity, while there are nods at various times to Muse and Two Gallants as Royal Blood pummel their way through “Figure It Out.” ….  However, it’s not all guitars and drums, and singles “Little Monster” and “Come on Over” illustrate their aptitude for well-crafted structures and melodies, and the moody delivery of Kerr’s wholehearted vocals is prominent in the radio-friendly mix. The whirlwind year that took the duo from obscurity to 2013’s Glastonbury Festival is akin to the full-throttle rock music Royal Blood create, and there is little time for respite during their breezy debut album that bridges the gap between heavy-hitting rock and digestible pop/rock.’


Royal Blood Tracklist

1. Out Of The Black 00:00
2. Come On Over 04:01
3. Figure It Out 06:52
4. You Can Be So Cruel 09:57
5. Blood Hands 12:41
6. Little Monster 15:49
7. Loose Change 19:23
8. Careless 21:59
9. Ten Tonne Skeleton 25:20
10. Better Strangers 28:28

Mike Kerr – lead vocals, bass guitar
Ben Thatcher – drums

Royal Blood

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