Slint – Spiderland

Slint – Spiderland

Slint – Spiderland is the second and final studio album by American rock band Slint. It was released on March 27, 1991, through Touch and Go Records. Featuring dramatically alternating dynamics and vocals ranging from spoken word to shouting, the album contains narrative lyrics that emphasize alienation. Spiderland was Slint’s first release on Touch and Go, and the group’s last record. Although this Kentucky combo had a short lifespan, its influence has been extraordinary, presaging the underground “math-rock” revolution and spawning spinoffs such as Tortoise and Gastr Del Sol. But don’t go thinking that the foursome is a mere footnote: The bracingly dense, dizzyingly complex songs that vein this, their second full-length release, perfectly capture the smarter face of early-’90s thug-rock. Yes, Slint’s sound is descended from punk, but its members–particularly guitarist Brian McMahan–never subscribed to the “keep it simple, stupid” philosophy. Slint – Spiderland is so rife with breakneck tempo changes, off-kilter chord progressions, and bizarro-world themes, you’d be hard-pressed to go a listen without discovering something new. –David Sprague

AMG review: More known for its frequent name-checks than its actual music, this album remains one of the most essential and chilling releases in the mumbling post-rock arena. …. Surely, years later, Spiderland is still a strong, slightly overrated, compelling piece of investigational despair that is a worthy asset to most any experimentalist’s record collection. –by Dean Carlson


Slint – Spiderland Tracklist

  1. Breadcrumb
  2. Nosferatu Man
  3. Don, Aman
  4. Washer
  5. For Dinner…
  6. Good Morning, Captain

Slint - Spiderland

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