Soko – I thought I was an alien

      In 2009 Stéphanie SoKolinski a.k.a. SoKo declared herself “dead” on My Space, quitting a music industry which scared her and refusing to release a completed double album. I Thought I Was An Alien is a perfect album for a melancholy Sunday afternoon, although Soko just needs to take herself less serious. It’s only pop music after all.

AMG Review: Following a five-year hiatus in which she picked up a César Award nomination for her role in A l’Origine and declared that her musical career was “dead,” 26-year-old Bordeaux chanteuse Stephanie Sokolinski, aka SoKo, emerged “reborn” in 2012 with this debut full-length album, I Thought I Was an Alien. Produced by Fritz Michaud (Elliott Smith), the belated follow-up to her 2007 Not Sokute EP features 15 woozy lo-fi alt-pop songs inspired by the likes of Daniel Johnston and Leonard Cohen, including the singles “No More Home, No More Love,” “First Love Never Die,” and the title track, best known for its Spike Jonze-directed video. –by Jon O’Brien


Soko – I thought I was an alien Tracklist

1- I just want to make it new with you
2- I thought I was an alien
3- People always look better in the sun
4- We might be dead by tomorrow
5- No more home, no more love
6- For Marlon
7- First love never die
8- Treat your woman right
9- How are you?
10- Don’t you touch me
11- Destruction of the disgusting ugly hate
12- Happy Hippie Birthday
13- I’ve been alone too long
14- Why don’t you eat me now you can?
15- You have a power on me

Soko - I thought I was an alien

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