Stan Getz – Voyage

      Scott Yanow: ‘Tenor saxophonist Stan Getz found a perfect accompanist in pianist Kenny Barron, who would regularly play in his group for his last five years. This out-of-print Black Hawk LP finds the pair, along with bassist George Mraz and drummer Victor Lewis, performing two standards and four more recent pieces, including two (“Dreams” and “Voyage”) by Barron. The music is difficult to classify (modern bop?) but relatively easy to understand; Getz never coasts.’

     Tim Price – Jazz Saxophonist:  ‘Stan had such a command on modern tunes like this- he’d bring out the melodic and just cook it till it boiled. A JOY TO LISTEN TO. Not to mention- he had a dynamic in his sound that carried/projected live and you can hear it on this. I always dug the forward motion of Stan’s style. The sound he had in the 50’s was so intoxicating. Loaded with everything- yet he built every step after that by going FORWARD not just staying there and wallowing in something that WAS done. Hence- FORWARD MOTION. Guys today need to study Stan’s entire recorded career. It’s a lesson in style and personal dedication to the art form.’

Release Date: March 9, 1986
Duration: 50:13
Genre: Jazz
Styles: Cool – Post-Bop – Jazz Instrument – Saxophone Jazz


Stan Getz – Voyage Tracklist

  1.  I Wanted to say
  2.  I Thought About You
  3.  Yesterdays
  4.  Dreams
  5.  Falling in Love
  6.  Voyage
  7.  Just Friends

Stan Getz - Voyage

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