Still Corners – Strange Pleasures

Still Corners – Strange Pleasures

      Tim Sendra: ‘Still Corners’ debut album, 2011’s Creatures of an Hour, was a murky, reverb-covered neo-psych gem that drew from the hypnotic drone of Broadcast and the mystery of This Mortal Coil, and had a haunting air brought to life by Tessa Murray’s bewitching vocals. The band’s second album, 2013’s Strange Pleasures, finds them stripping away most of the reverb and murk in favor of a sleek and streamlined style that’s bathed in shiny synths and shines like neon reflected in rain-soaked city streets. Greg Hughes’ production buffs all the rough edges off, forsaking the jangling guitars and rumbling drums of their debut in favor of subtly chiming guitars and machine-driven rhythms with banks of keys that wash over Murray’s vocals. The shorthand key to their new sound is Cocteau Twins doing the soundtrack for Drive II, and if that sounds good to you, Still Corners – Strange Pleasures totally works…. This different approach may put off some fans who were enchanted by the lower-fidelity, more guitar-based charms of their first album, but there is enough of that band left here to make this a departure worth following. Besides, Murray’s voice is so captivating, she’d be worth following almost anywhere she chose to go.’


Still Corners – Strange Pleasures Tracklist

1. “The Trip” 6:15
2. “Beginning to Blue” 3:10
3. “I Can’t Sleep” 3:31
4. “All I Know” 3:26
5. “Fireflies” 3:17
6. “Berlin Lovers” 2:35
7. “Future Age” 3:04
8. “Going Back to Strange” 2:31
9. “Beatcity” 4:05
10. “Midnight Drive” 4:25
11. “We Killed the Moonlight” 3:19
12. “Strange Pleasures” 5:13
13. “We Have the Future on Tape” 6:07

Still Corners - Strange Pleasures

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