T.Rex – Electric Warrior

T.Rex – Electric Warrior

In his retrospective review, Steve Huey of AllMusic gave the album 5/5 stars, writing “the real reason Electric Warrior stands the test of time so well – despite its intended disposability – is that it revels so freely in its own absurdity and willful lack of substance. Not taking himself at all seriously, Bolan is free to pursue whatever silly wordplay, cosmic fantasies or non sequitur imagery he feels like; his abandonment of any pretense to art becomes, ironically, a statement in itself. Bolan’s lack of pomposity, back-to-basics songwriting, and elaborate theatrics went on to influence everything from hard rock to punk to new wave. But in the end, it’s that sense of playfulness, combined with a raft of irresistible hooks, that keeps Electric Warrior such an infectious, invigorating listen today
The album is considered a pioneering record in the development of glam rock. In 1987, Electric Warrior was ranked number 100 in Rolling Stone magazine’s “100 Greatest Albums of the Last 20 Years” list. In 2003, the album was ranked number 160 by the same magazine in its list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. In 2004, Pitchfork ranked Electric Warrior as the 20th best album of the 1970s.

Marc Bolan – vocals, guitar
Mickey Finn – conga drums, bongos
Steve Currie – bass guitar
Bill Legend – drums
Howard Kaylan – backing vocals
Mark Volman – backing vocals
Rick Wakeman – keyboards on “Get It On”
Elton John – keyboards on “Get It On”
Ian McDonald – saxophone
Burt Collins – flugelhorn


T.Rex – Electric Warrior Tracklist

  1.  «Mambo Sun»
  2.  «Cosmic Dancer»
  3.  «Jeepster»
  4.  «Monolith»
  5.  «Lean Woman Blues»
  6.  «Get It On»
  7.  «Planet Queen»
  8.  «Girl»
  9.  «The Motivator»
  10.  «Life’s a Gas»
  11.  «Rip Off»

T.Rex - Electric Warrior

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