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New Order – Get Ready

New Order – Get Ready      John Bush: ‘…. Though there are several allowances for the electronic-dance form New Order helped develop, Get Ready is a very straight-ahead album, their first work in 15 years that’s focused on songwriting and performance rather than grafted dance techniques. .. Listeners familiar with the blueprint of early […]

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New Order – Power, Corruption, and Lies

New Order – Power, Corruption, and Lies John Bush: ‘A great leap forward from their funereal debut album, New Order – Power, Corruption, and Lies cemented New Order’s place as the most exciting dance-rock hybrid in music (and it didn’t even include the massive “Blue Monday” single, released earlier that year). Confident and invigorating where Movement […]

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New Order – Low-Life

              John Bush:  New Order – Low-Life, was, in every way, the artistic equal of their breakout, 1983’s Power, Corruption & Lies. The point where the band’s fusion of rock and electronics became seamless, it showed the bandmembers having it every way they wanted: heavily sequenced and synthesized, but […]

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