Ten Years After – A Space In Time

Ten Years After – A Space In Time

AMG Review: A Space in Time was Ten Years After’s best-selling album. This was due primarily to the strength of “I’d Love to Change the World,” the band’s only hit single, and one of the most ubiquitous AM and FM radio cuts of the summer of 1971. TYA’s first album for Columbia, A Space in Time has more of a pop-oriented feel than any of their previous releases had. The individual cuts are shorter, and Alvin Lee displays a broader instrumental palette than before. In fact, six of the disc’s ten songs are built around acoustic guitar riffs. However, there are still a couple of barn-burning jams. The leadoff track, “One of These Days,” is a particularly scorching workout, featuring extended harmonica and guitar solos. After the opener, however, the album settles back into a more relaxed mood than one would have expected from Ten Years After. Many of the cuts make effective use of dynamic shifts, and the guitar solos are generally more understated than on previous outings. The production on Ten Years After – A Space In Time is crisp and clean, a sound quite different from the denseness of its predecessors. Though not as consistent as Cricklewood Green, A Space in Time has its share of sparkling moments. –by Jim Newsom


Ten Years After – A Space In Time Tracklist

  1.  One Of These Days (0:00-5:49)
  2.  Here They Come (5:50-10:26)
  3.  I’d Love To Change The World (10:27-14:10)
  4.  Over The Hill (14:11-16:38)
  5.  Baby Won’t You Let Me Rock ‘n’ Roll You? (16:39-18:54)
  6.  Once There Was A Time (18:55-22:17)
  7.  Let The Sky Fall (22:18-26:36)
  8.  Hard Monkeys (26:37-29:47)
  9.  I’ve Been There Too (29:48-35:32)
  10.  Uncle Jam (35:33-37:31)

Ten Years After - A Space In Time

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