The Go-Betweens – 16 Lovers Lane

16 Lovers Lane was the sixth album by Australian indie pop group The Go-Betweens, released in 1988 by Beggars Banquet Records.

AMG review: Arguably Australia’s greatest pop group ever, The Go-Betweens seemed to save the best for last when they split in 1989. (They reunited in 1999, and have issued two more studio recordings since that time). 16 Lovers Lane is simply breathtaking; it is a deeply moving, aurally sensual collection of songs about relationships and the broken side of love that never lapses into cheap sentimentality or cynicism. Songwriters Robert Forster and Grant McLennan had always been visionary when it came to charting personal and relational melancholy and heartbreak, but here, their resolve focused on charting the depths of the romantic’s soul when it has been disillusioned or crestfallen, is simply and convincingly taut. While it’s true that the group was going through its own version of a soap opera-styled romantic saga, that emotional quagmire seemingly fueled its energies and focus, resulting in an album so texturally rich, lyrically sharp, and musically honest, its effect is nothing less than searing on an any listener who doesn’t have sawdust instead of blood in his or her veins…. Despite the fact that band has but a cult following, even in the 21st century, The Go-Betweens have nonetheless given us a far more literate, magnificently written, performed, and produced slab of pop classicism, than Fleetwood Mac’s wonderfully coked out, love as co-dependency fest, Rumours..  –by Thom Jurek


16 Lovers Lane Tracklist

  1. “Love Goes On!” – 3:19
  2. “Quiet Heart” – 5:20
  3. “Love Is a Sign” – 4:12
  4. “You Can’t Say No Forever” – 3:57
  5. “The Devil’s Eye” – 2:05
  6. “Streets of Your Town” – 3:36
  7. “Clouds” – 4:02
  8. “Was There Anything I Could Do?” – 3:06
  9. “I’m All Right” – 3:10
  10. “Dive for Your Memory” – 4:17

16 Lovers Lane

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