The Killers – Hot Fuss

      MacKenzie Wilson: ‘..The Las Vegas foursome introduce a perfectly tailored new wave-induced art rock sound on their debut, The Killers – Hot Fuss. They wooed MTV audiences and modern rock followers with the success of “Somebody Told Me” during summer 2004….. It’s hard to deny the sparkle of Depeche Mode beats and the sensual allure of Duran Duran. After 25 years, those sounds still hold up; by 2004, however, it’s an incredible task to pull this kind of thing off without selling yourself to the tastes of the masses. Interpol and the Walkmen have pulled it off; Franz Ferdinand and Hot Hot Heat have potential. The difference with the Killers is that the dynamic doesn’t firmly hold together. The gospel/rock jaunt of “All These Things That I’ve Done” doesn’t quit fit around the Cure-inspired synth reveries of “Everything Will Be Alright” and “Believe Me Natalie.” “Midnight Show,” as much as it plucks from Duran Duran’s “Planet Earth” and “Is There Something I Should Know?,” does show promise for the Killers. The Killers – Hot Fuss came at the right time because the pop kids needed something to savor the summer with, and “Somebody Told Me” served that purpose. Now pull out your Duran Duran records and dance like no one is watching.’


The Killers – Hot Fuss Tracklist

1. Jenny Was A Friend of Mine 0:00
2. Mr. Brightside 3:56
3. Smile Like You Mean It 7:38
4. Somebody Told Me 11:31
5. All These Things That I’ve Done 14:47
6. Andy, You’re a Star 19:44
7. On Top 22:57
8. Change Your Mind 27:13
9. Believe Me Natalie 30:23
10. Midnight Show 35:19
11. Everything Will Be Alright 39:20

The Killers - Hot Fuss

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