The National – Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers

The National – Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers

      Tim DiGravina: ‘For a band that’s been compared to Joy Division, Leonard Cohen, Wilco, and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, the National sure sounds a lot more like the Czars or Uncle Tupelo on this sophomore album Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers. …  Berninger is more than content to roam pastures featuring small patches of emo, sadcore, and artsy strings, clearly wearing his influences on his sleeve. Indeed, album-opener “Cardinal Song” could very easily be mistaken for the Tindersticks or Cousteau, with a passage that is a virtual note for note reconstruction of a Red House Painters song. Though the band focuses on slow atmospheric songs, it’s when it kicks out the jams that the music is the most compelling. Case in point is “Slipping Husband,” with its fine melodic waves and a perfectly placed bout of screaming. “Trophy Wife” presents yet another influence; the song seems a dead ringer for the Shins. It’s hard to shake the feeling that the National is highly influenced by and studied in the bands it emulates, but the album is still worth a listen for fans of moody country-tinged lounge music. With so many influences rearing their heads and ample musical chops in the bag, the National might not be masters of any one genre, but it creates a fine amalgam nonetheless.’


The National – Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers Tracklist

  1. 0:00 Cardinal Song
  2. 6:18 Slipping Husband
  3. 9:40 90-Mile Water Wall
  4. 13:22 It Never Happened
  5. 17:58 Murder Me Rachael
  6. 21:46 Thirsty
  7. 25:34 Available
  8. 28:55 Sugar Wife
  9. 31:14 Trophy Wife
  10. 34:50 Fashion Coat
  11. 36:52 Patterns of Fairytales
  12. 40:39 Lucky You

The National - Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers

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