The Notwist – Neon Golden

The Notwist – Neon Golden

Amg review: The Notwist – Neon Golden was a subtle rewiring of the Notwist’s long-established baroque hip-hop post-rock fetishist technique. The album’s minimal kitchen-sink vibe was stronger, the wide assortment of instruments were arranged with new conviction, and the band would throw in a startlingly unpretentious mixture of tub-thumbing static, cellos, banjos, organs, and breakbeats while Markus Acher’s Belle & Sebastian-styled vocals flowed underneath like island run-off. In “This Room,” “Pick Up the Phone,” “Off the Rails,” and the excellent “Consequence,” the intricacy of the band’s sound remained, but with less experimental desperation and considerably better ideas. –by Dean Carlson The combination of meandering acoustic guitar, mournful vocals, post-punk rock, crisp electronica, flutes, dub bass, sax, occasional breakbeat, and banjo could’ve turned the tender tunes on Notwist’s sixth album into chaotic and indulgent noodling. The 15 months spent in the studio putting the unlikely components together, however, pays off with a collection beautiful and dreamy lo-fi lullabies in which hazy pop melodies drift by on an eccentric flow of sensual bleeps, whooshes, and crackles. Even when Neon Golden strays toward more traditional rock, Markus Acher’s downtrodden yet hopeful vocals and achingly sweet melodies hold up, as do the sumptuous atmospheric add-ons that link the New Order-like “Pilot” and “One with the Freaks” to the title track’s ambient electronic pulses. Yet nothing is more magical or odd than “Trashing Days,” where Notwist manages to make pneumatic space-age sound effects rubbing against scraping beats, woozy horns and a quietly plucked banjo, sound like the most natural thing in the world. –Dan Gennoe


The Notwist – Neon Golden Tracklist

  1. One Step Inside Doesn’t Mean You Understand – 03:14
  2. Pilot – 04:28
  3. Pick Up the Phone – 03:55
  4. Trashing Days – 03:24
  5. This Room – 04:45
  6. Solitaire – 03:29
  7. One With the Freaks – 03:38
  8. Neon Golden – 05:54
  9. Off the Rails – 03:27
  10. Consequence – 05:13
  11. Scoop – 03:26
  12. Propeller 9 – 04:25
  13. Formiga – 02:21

The Notwist - Neon Golden

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