The Smashing Pumpkins – Oceania

      Matt Collar: ‘ Following up on, and in many ways amending, much of the bombastic overcompensation of 2007’s Zeitgeist, Smashing Pumpkins 2012 release Oceania is an exuberant, gloriously melodic, fluid return to form for Billy Corgan. ….. Conceptual conceits aside, these are some of the most memorable and rousing songs Corgan has delivered since 1993’s Siamese Dream, the album that Oceania most closely mirrors in tone and aesthetic. Which isn’t to say that Corgan is treading old ground; on the contrary, there is something fresh and inspired about the songs on the album. Admittedly, kicking the album off with the heavy psychedelic acid rock groove of “Quasar” — in which Corgan croons several EST-era-style affirmations including, “God right on! Krishna right on! Mark right on!” — is a move that almost begs comparisons to Smashing Pumpkins’ euphoria-inducing 1991 single “Siva.” A similar sentiment comes to mind with the latter album rocker “The Chimera,” a classic rock-sounding groover that sparkles with crisscross laser-beam guitar lines recalling the jewel-toned guitar heroics of Queen’s Brian May. But these are welcome comparisons, born out of Corgan finally delivering a gorgeous and cohesive set of songs that balance some his more arch, cerebral inclinations with his generously romantic and sweepingly cinematic gift for revelatory guitar rock. Elsewhere, we get the soaring “Panopticon” and the minor-key, prog rock-inflected drama of “Violet Rays.” However, Oceania is perhaps best represented by the euphoric mid-album ballad “Pinwheels.” Starting with a repeated keyboard line and building to swells of acoustic and electric guitar before settling into one of the most swoon-worthy melodic anthems Corgan has ever written, “Pinwheels,” much like the rest of the record, is a masterpiece of pop songcraft and rock production. As Corgan croons on the song’s chorus, “Sister soul, lovers of the tune, sing!/I got you/I got you.” On Oceania, the Smashing Pumpkins definitely have us.’


The Smashing Pumpkins – Oceania Tracklist

  1. Quasar – 04:55
  2. Panopticon – 03:52
  3. The Celestials – 03:57
  4. Violet Rays – 04:19
  5. My Love is Winter – 03:32
  6. One Diamond, One Heart – 03:50
  7. Pinwheels – 05:43
  8. Oceania – 09:05
  9. Pale Horse – 04:37
  10. The Chimera – 04:16
  11. Glissandra – 04:06
  12. Inkless – 03:08
  13. Wildflower – 04:42


Billy Corgan – vocals, guitar, keyboards, production
Jeff Schroeder – guitar
Nicole Fiorentino – bass guitar, backing vocals
Mike Byrne – drums, backing vocals

The Smashing Pumpkins - Oceania

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