The Trashcan Sinatras – In the Music

    Tim Sendra: ‘The Trash Can Sinatras have settled into the “album every five years” plan and judging by both 2004’s Weightlifting and 2009’s In the Music, it’s a plan that works for them. It may even be the secret to keeping their sound fresh. In the Music features songs good enough to have been on any of their early albums and arrangements that are as smooth and lush as ever, and best of all perhaps, singer Frank Reader’s voice hasn’t lost any of its warmth. He sails through the midtempo tracks that make up most of the album with a nimble grace that seems almost miraculous for a guy who’s been doing it for so long. His is the kind of voice that sounds like an old friend who holds all the secrets to life and if you ask real nice, he’ll share them with you over a late-night pint or two. The rest of the band is in tune with this feeling as well, and their playing on the album is smoothly sympathetic with not a single duff moment or false note. Though the Trashcan Sinatras sound their best when they stay in the sophisticated midtempo pop pocket, they can also convincingly settle into a soulful groove (the title track), jangle like the Byrds (“Prisons”), or get late-night quiet (“Oranges and Apples”). It’s a masterfully played record, sung with passion and full of easy hooks; in other words, a Trash Can Sinatras record. Just like they’ve been making for two decades.’


The Trashcan Sinatras – In the Music Tracklist

  1. 4:23 People
  2. 3:09 Easy on the Eye
  3. 4:29 In the Music
  4. 4:16 I Hung My Harp Upon the Willows
  5. 3:07 Prisons
  6. 3:43 Should I Pray? (featuring Carly Simon)
  7. 3:52 Morning Star
  8. 7:01 Oranges and Apples
  9. 4:39 The Engine
  10. 4:38 I Wish You’d Met Her
  11. 3:41 Astronomy

The Trashcan Sinatras - In the Music

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