The Wrens – The Meadowlands

The Wrens – The Meadowlands

      Heather Phares: “The Wrens’ third album, The Meadowlands, is a sprawling, shifting affair, perhaps reflecting the fact that it took four years to create. It’s easy to take the sweet, slightly alt-country “13 Months in 6 Minutes” at face value — the song’s epic feel suggests the passing of a considerable chunk of time, and at the Wrens’ pace, it’s possible that it did take over a year to craft. Rather fittingly, the album itself is also long, and the way that its songs jump and shift in tone and mood suggests a series of journal entries strung together, connected loosely by an overall brokenhearted feeling. A pair of bitterly pretty songs open The Meadowlands after the interlude “The House That Guilt Built” sets the tone with its early summer evening atmosphere: …..  The Meadowlands saves some of its most rock moments for the end of the album: “Per Second Second,” an angular, Pixies-esque bit of punk, and the anthemic “Everyone Chooses Sides” send the album out in a blaze of glory that initially seems a little at odds with the melancholy tone of the rest of the album but, after a few listens, reveals itself as strangely appropriate. It’s possible that The Meadowlands might be a “better” album if it were more focused and logical, but there’s something to be said for its immersive, stream-of-consciousness approach. It’s also tempting to say that hopefully it won’t take the Wrens as long to make their next album as it did to make The Meadowlands, but when the results are this good, the time it took to make the album is more than justified.”


The Wrens – The Meadowlands Tracklist

  1. 0:00 The House That Guilt Built
  2. 1:22 Happy
  3. 6:54 This Boy Is Exhausted
  4. 11:15 Faster Gun
  5. 15:08 She Sends Kisses
  6. 21:04 Every Year You Wasted (Hopeless)
  7. 26:16 Ex-Girl Collection
  8. 30:37 Shot Rock-Splitter to God (Per Second Second)
  9. 34:30 Not So Green (Thirteen Grand)
  10. 38:39 Nervous and Not Me
  11. 40:44 Boys You Won’t Remember
  12. 45:14 Everyone Choose Sides
  13. 49:54 13 Months in 6 Minutes
  14. 56:44 Such A Pretty Lie
  15. 1:00:43 This Is Not What You Had Planned

The Wrens - The Meadowlands

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