Two Door Cinema Club – Beacon

Two Door Cinema Club – Beacon

Following an album like Tourist History would be difficult for any group and surely Two Door Cinema Club knew that going into this effort. Thankfully they gave themselves some breathing room and the result is a mature and sophisticated follow-up that expands their sound without sacrificing what made them great in the first place. The band does a great job of creating a consistent sound and developing an upbeat sound full of sunny vocals, fuzzy synths, and guitar-driven indie pop. Songs like “Next Year”, “Handshake”, and “The World Is Watching” are irresistible and full of hooks to keep them in your head long after they’re finished. There’s a seamless flow to this record that makes both the individual songs and the album as a whole gel together incredibly well. In a day and age of cherry picking and instant singles it’s refreshing to find a group dedicated to offering a complete and immersive album experience. Other tracks like “Pyramid” go through shifts in tempo and dynamics with thrilling results. TDCC keep things simple while adding just enough curve balls to thrill you as soon as you begin to become complacent.


Two Door Cinema Club – Beacon Tracklist

01. Next Year 00:01
02. Handshake 04:10
03. Wake Up 07:31
04. Sun 11:23
05. Someday 14:31
06. Sleep Alone 18:11
07. The World Is Watching 22:05
08. Settle 25:41
09. Spring 29:31
10. Pyramid 33:02
11. Beacon 36:02

Two Door Cinema Club - Beacon

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