Ulver – Shadows of The Sun

Ulver – Shadows of The Sun

Shadows of the Sun is the seventh studio album by the Norwegian experimental collective Ulver. Produced by Ulver, the album was issued in October, 2007, via Jester Records and The End Records.Officially announced on July 13, 2007, Shadows of the Sun received critical acclaim on release, and was described as “dark and tragic,” with “soothing electronics and natural percussion,” and featured contributions from Pamelia Kurstin on theremin and Austrian white noise musician Christian Fennesz, adding supplemental shimmer; helping Ulver to correspond with their vision on the final product. Upon release, Shadows of the Sun received generally positive reviews from music critics. William York, writing for AllMusic, commented, “Shadows of the Sun offers a new slant on the sort of electronic art pop sound that Ulver have been developing off and on since 1999‘s Metamorphosis EP. Along with 2005’s return-to-form Blood Inside, it is one of their stronger efforts this decade, following several years of experimentation with instrumental electronic music. They have developed a unique, quickly identifiable sound during that time, and this album is a nice variation on that signature sound.

Kristoffer Rygg
Tore Ylwizaker
Jørn H. Sværen

Oslo Session String Quartet
Hans Josef Groh – cello, solo on track 3
Dorthe Dreier – viola
André Orvik – violin
Vegard Johnsen – violin on tracks 1, 4 and 9

Additional Musicians
Mathias Eick – trumpet on tracks 2, 6 and 7
Christian Fennesz – supplemental shimmer on track 4
Espen Jørgensen – acoustic guitar on track 4 and electric guitar on tracks 3 and 7
Pamelia Kurstin – theremin on tracks 1 and 8


Ulver – Shadows of The Sun Tracklist

01. Eos 00:00
02. All The Love 05:04
03. Like Music 08:47
04. Vigil 12:17
05. Shadows of The Sun 16:45
06. Let The Children Go 21:19
07. Solitude 25:10
08.Funcbrae 29:03
09.What Happened? 33:30

Ulver - Shadows of The Sun

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