Van Der Graaf Generator – Still Life

Van Der Graaf Generator – Still Life

Still Life is an album by English progressive rock band Van der Graaf Generator, originally released in 1976. It was their second album since reforming in 1975, the first being Godbluff. Geoff Barton of Sounds wrote: “Where “Still Life” scores over past LPs is in its precise and accurate reproduction of leader Hammill’s vocals. He never really sings, rather he murmurs, shouts, screams or speaks, and this wide range of tonality has presented in the past often insurmountable problems for engineers, technicians and suchlike. .. “Still Life” is an essential album. If you think you have problems, listen to Hammill’s and you’ll probably never be able to worry about anything insignificant ever again. Picking the best of this lot is not an easy task, but “Still Life” is an all time classic recording. This is VAN DER GRAAF at their best with the classic line up of musicians. The music here is deep dark and rich adding some of VDG’s most notable song writing skills. “Childhood’s End” is a brilliant epic tracks and one of my all time favorite VDG tracks. This band were one of the most influential in the world of Prog rock and have been praised in many circles.

Peter Hammill – vocals, guitar, piano
David Jackson – saxophone, flute
Hugh Banton – organ, bass, mellotron, piano
Guy Evans – drums, percussion


Van Der Graaf Generator – Still Life Tracklist

  1. “Pilgrims” (Hammill, David Jackson) – 7:12
  2. “Still Life” – 7:24
  3. “La Rossa” – 9:52
  4. “My Room (Waiting for Wonderland)” – 8:02
  5. “Childlike Faith in Childhood’s End” – 12:24

Van Der Graaf Generator - Still Life

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