Baden Powell – Solitude On Guitar

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      Baden Powell de Aquino (August 6, 1937 – September 26, 2000) usually known simply as Baden Powell, was one of the most prominent and celebrated Brazilian guitarists of his lifetime.[1] He explored the instrument to its utmost limits, playing it in a distinctive, unique manner, incorporating virtuoso classical techniques together with popular harmony and swing. He performed in many styles, including Bossa nova, Samba, Brazilian jazz, Latin jazz and Música Popular Brasileira. He performed on stage during most of his lifetime, and recorded an extensive discography composed of LP and CD albums produced in Brazil and Europe, particularly in France and Germany.
Baden Powell also composed many fine pieces for guitar, such as Xangô, Simplesmente, Braziliense, Horizon, Abração em Madrid, Tristeza e solidão, Consolação, Samba, Casa Velha, Lotus, Imagem, Samba Triste, and Canto de Ossanha.

Amazon: Baden Powell – Solitude On Guitar: I own more than 20 Baden Powell recordings and they all have their merits, but I think overall this one would probably be my one BP desert island recording. The version of Se Todos Fossem Iguais a Voce on this recording is unique among the several recorded performances we have of this tune. Baden’s intro is very structured and distinctly more “classical” than on any other recording. This is a fantastic Jobim/Vinicius tune which Powell always seems to really connect with whenever he plays it, but especially here


Baden Powell – Solitude On Guitar Tracklist

  1.  Introduçao Ao Poema Dos Olhos da Amada 0:00
  2.  Chará 3:32 
  3.  Se todos Fossem Iguais a Você 5:48
  4.  Márcia, Eu Te Amo 7:59
  5.  Na Gafieira Do Vidigal 13:09
  6.  Kommt Ein Vogel Geflogen 18:30
  7.  Fim da Linha 20:04
  8.  Shadow of Your Smile 22:52
  9.  Brasiliana 24:53
  10.  Bassamba 28:20
  11.  Por Causa de Você 31:19
  12.  Solitário 33:08

Baden Powell - Solitude On Guitar

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