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     Stephen Thomas Erlewine: ‘There comes a time in every punk’s life where he or she has to grow up, or at least acknowledge that maturity is just around the corner. blink-182 put it off for as long as they could, but ten years into their career and two albums after their big breakthrough, 1999’s Enema of the State, they decided to make a stab at being grown-ups for their eponymous sixth studio album. As with many self-titled albums, the trio uses this as an attempt to redefine itself, and they have considerably expanded both their sonic template and lyrical outlook on blink-182. They’re still rooted in punk-pop, but even songs that stretch no further than that sound are a little darker, a little restless, reflecting the overall mood of the record. In shorthand, this is the record where blink-182 delve into post-punk, opting for some appealingly sullen moodiness, off-kilter hooks, lots of sonic textures, and even a duet with the Cure’s Robert Smith. ….. It’s an unexpected and welcome maturation from a band that just an album ago seemed permanently stuck in juvenilia.’


Blink 182 – Blink 182 Tracklist

1. Feeling This 00:00
2. Obvious 02:52
3. I Miss You 05:35
4. Violence 09:23
5. Stockholm Syndrome 13:03
6. Down 17:24
7. The Fallen Interlude 20:29
8. Go 22:40
9. Asthenia 24:33
10. Always 28:54
11. Easy Target 33:06
12. All of This 35:27
13. Here’s Your Letter 40:07
14. I’m Lost Without You 43:02
15. Athem Park 2 [Japanese Bonus Track] (Live) 49:20

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