Chris Isaak – Wicked Game

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      Released in 1991, Wicked Game is not a greatest-hits collection, nor is it a rarities collection. In fact, it’s hard to tell what exactly it is, since it concentrates on a brief period of Chris Isaak’s career (the late ’80s/early ’90s), overlooks a lot of hits, and contains oddities like a cover of “Heart Full of Soul” and an instrumental of “Wicked Game.” This is not a representative selection of Isaak’s music, nor is it particularly listenable, and neither does it give a good selection of rarities for collections. In other words, it’s an easy one to pass by. –by Stephen Thomas Erlewine


Chris Isaak – Wicked Game Tracklist

  1. Wicked Game 4:46
  2. You Owe Me Some Kind of Love 3:57
  3. Blue Spanish Sky 3:57
  4. Heart Shaped World 3:26
  5. Heart Full of Soul 3:20
  6. Funeral in The Rain 3:18
  7. Blue Hotel 3:10
  8. Dancin’ 3:44
  9. Nothing’s Changed 4:05
  10. Voodoo 2:24
  11. Lie To Me 4:12
  12. Wickd Game ( Intrumental ) 4:48

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