Cowboy Junkies – The Trinity Session

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      Thom Jurek: ‘Who says you can’t make a great record in one day — or night, as the case may be? The Trinity Session was recorded in one night using one microphone, a DAT recorder, and the wonderful acoustics of the Holy Trinity in Toronto. Interestingly, it’s the album that broke the Cowboy Junkies in the United States for their version of “Sweet Jane,” which included the lost verse. It’s far from the best cut here, though. There are other covers, such as Margo Timmins’ a cappella read of the traditional “Mining for Gold,” a heroin-slow version of Hank Williams’ classic “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry,” “Dreaming My Dreams With You” (canonized by Waylon Jennings), and a radical take of the Patsy Cline classic “Walkin’ After Midnight” that closes the disc. Those few who had heard the band’s previous album, Whites Off Earth Now!!, were aware that, along with Low, the Cowboy Junkies were the only band at the time capable of playing slower than Neil Young and Crazy Horse — and without the ear-threatening volume. The Timmins family — Margo, guitarist and songwriter Michael, drummer Peter, and backing vocalist and guitarist John — along with bassist Alan Anton and a few pals playing pedal steel, accordion, and harmonica, paced everything to crawl. That said, it works in that every song has its own texture, slowly and deliberately unfolding from blues and country and drones…. . As an album, it’s still remarkable at how timeless it sounds, and its beauty is — in stark contrast to its presentation — voluminous and rich, perhaps even eternal.’


Cowboy Junkies – The Trinity Session tracklist

  1. Mining For Gold 1:34
  2. Misguided Angel 4:58
  3. I Don’t Get It 4:34
  4. I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry 5:24
  5. To Love Is To Bury 4:47
  6. 200 More Miles 5:29
  7. Dreaming My Dreams With You 4:28
  8. Sweet Jane 3:41
  9. Postcard Blues 3:28
  10. Walking After Midnight 5:54

Cowboy Junkies - The Trinity Session

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