Eels – The Deconstruction

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      Mark Deming: ‘Mark Oliver Everett, the artist better known as E, has never seemed averse to collaboration, but as the sole constant in the Eels’ history, he’s clearly a guy who needs to call the shots. And given E’s eagerness to bare his soul in song, he may not want to share his multiple neuroses with a bunch of other musicians as he and his muse get to work. So the electronically oriented production of 2018’s The Deconstruction suggests E has found the ideal format for his music, one where he can do most of the musical heavy lifting himself. While The Deconstruction features plenty of guitar work from E and some lovely string arrangements, a good bit of this album has been built out of samples and keyboards, and the slightly low-tech sound of the loops and synth patches adds to the off-kilter personality of many of the songs. P…. Thematically, The Deconstruction doesn’t add a great deal of new ideas to the Eels’ repertoire (happiness has never been his strong suit), but E’s gifts as a songwriter and vocalist are still sharp, and if you’ve ever been partial to Mark Everett’s slightly skewed but engagingly literate outlook on the world, then The Deconstruction should meet with your approval.’


Eels – The Deconstruction Tracklist

  1. 00:00 The Deconstruction
  2. 04:11 Bone Dry
  3. 07:50 The Quandary
  4. 08:47 Premonition
  5. 12:00 Rusty Pipes
  6. 16:03 The Epiphany
  7. 18:20 Today Is The Day
  8. 21:22 Sweet Scorched Earth
  9. 24:28 Coming Back
  10. 25:26 Be Hurt
  11. 29:25 You Are The Shining Light
  12. 33:05 There I Said It
  13. 35:55 Archie Goodnight
  14. 36:45 The Unanswerable
  15. 8:50 In Our Cathedral


Eels - The Deconstruction

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