Elton John – A Single Man

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      A Single Man is the twelfth studio album by British singer/songwriter Elton John, released in 1978, a slightly different Elton John: moody, atmospheric, melancholic at times. Elton John – A Single Man is the Elton John’s first full-length release away from their decade-long partnership with Bernie Taupin. Unlike previous compositions in which lyrics came first, John began writing melodies at a piano and an album unintentionally became of it. The lyrics, by Gary Osborne, is functional but less poetic or creative than Taupin. They don’t seem to have fueled Elton’s creativity: the music is generally superficially pretty, more paint-it-by-numbers than previously. he infusion of new musical associates takes notable effect on songs such as the opener, “Shine on Through,” he 1998 CD remaster boasts five additional bonus tracks from a variety of 45s. The hit “Song for Guy” was a tribute to Guy Burchett, a young Rocket messenger who was killed in a motorcycle accident. …


Elton John – A Single Man Tracklist

  1. 00:19 Shine on through
  2. 04:00 Return to Paradise
  3. 08:15 I don’t care
  4. 12:38 Big dipper
  5. 16:40 It ain’t gonna be easy
  6. 25:06 Part time love
  7. 28:21 Georgia
  8. 33:11 Shooting star
  9. 35:57 Madness
  10. 41:48 Reverie
  11. 42:39 Song for Guy

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