Gotan Project – La revancha del tango

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‘Mario Mesquita Borges’ :  An unrivaled collection of themes representing a unique fusion amid traditional forms of music and the nouvelle fields of electronica, Gotan Project’s La Revancha del Tango discloses unknown frontiers for the modern beat explorers. Inspired by Argentinean tango, Philippe Cohen Solal and Christophe H. Müller, responsible for projects such as Boys From Brazil or Stereo Action Unlimited, united their efforts with Eduardo Makaroff to record what ultimately became a daring musical piece. Mixing styles like dub and downbeat and enrolling the talents of Argentinean musicians like Gustavo Beytelmann and Nini Flores, the founding trio of Gotan Project managed to deliver a unique debut album. “Tríptico,” “Santa Maria (Del Buen Aire),” and “El Capitalismo Foraneo” are just of the three themes revealing the trio’s composing intuition, manipulating the romanticism and dark inspiration of Argentinean illustrative street music with novel electronica. Operating with instruments like the bandoneon, along with modern percussion, Gotan implements an exclusive creative challenge. “Vuelvo Ar Sur,” an Astor Piazzolla original composition vocalized by Cristina Villalonga, closes this unequaled set of melodies, confirming Gotan’s sole extent of melody exploration. 


Gotan Project – La revancha del tango Tracklist

  1. “Queremos Paz” – 5:15
  2. “Época” – 4:28
  3. “Chunga’s Revenge” (Frank Zappa) – 5:02
  4. “Tríptico” – 8:26
  5. “Santa María (del Buen Ayre)” – 5:57
  6. “Una Música Brutal” – 4:11
  7. “El Capitalismo Foráneo”  – 6:13
  8. “Last Tango in Paris” – 5:50
  9. “La del Ruso” – 6:22
  10. “Vuelvo al Sur” (Astor Piazzolla, Fernando E. Solanas) – 6:59

Gotan Project - La revancha del tango

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