Iron and Wine – The Shepherd’s Dog

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      Tim Sendra: ‘Iron & Wine have shown an impressive work ethic since the release of The Creek Drank the Cradle in 2002. A flood of singles, EPs, and albums, each with high levels of quality, have made Iron & Wine and Sam Beam stars in the indie rock world. Introspective, leaning toward morose, and heavily bearded stars, but glittering just the same. 2007’s Iron and Wine – The Shepherd’s Dog goes a long way toward validating all the attention I&W have been getting; it’s their best, most diverse, and most listenable record yet, as Beam and co. take another leap away from the lo-fi, one-dude-in-a-bedroom beginnings of the group. Here Beam surrounds himself with a large cast of musicians, and they blanket the songs with a wide array of instrumentation, everything from accordions to Hammond organ, piano to backward guitars, vibraphone to bass harmonica. Nothing too strange in the everything-goes world of indie rock circa 2007, but for Iron & Wine, it’s a widescreen revelation. Perhaps working with Calexico on 2005’s In the Reins inspired Beam to use all the colors in the paint box. Maybe it’s a natural progression. Either way it leads to an inspiringly lush album, full of imaginative and rich arrangements. …  By the end of the record, you may feel a few pangs for the discarded, sparse sound of early Iron & Wine, but the beauty and majesty of Iron and Wine – The Shepherd’s Dog will pave right over them, and you should be able to enjoy the masterful songcraft, inspired performance, and note-perfect production with no guilt and a fair bit of awe.’ 


Iron and Wine – The Shepherd’s Dog Tracklist

  1. Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car – 00:00
  2. White Tooth Man – 04:32
  3. Lovesong of the Buzzard – 08:29
  4. Carousel – 12:56
  5. House by the Sea – 16:58
  6. Innocent Bones – 21:20
  7. Wolves (Song of the Shepherd’s Dog) – 25:03
  8. Resurrection Fern – 30:00
  9. Boy With a Coin – 34:50
  10. The Devil Never Sleeps – 38:56
  11. Peace Beneath the City – 41:03
  12. Flightless Bird, American Mouth – 45:48

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