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      Gary Hill: ‘Jon & Vangelis’ first two albums really seemed to be building up to this point.
With Jon and Vangelis – Private Collection, the two artists (Jon Anderson of Yes fame and Vangelis) have created what feels just a bit like a classical work. Truly the nearly 23-minute “Horizon” really feels a lot like a modern symphony. It is definitely the culmination of their work together, their most ambitious effort. The shorter cuts on the album all have their moments and surely hold up to anything from the previous releases, but “Horizon” stands far above them all. It combines the best elements of Anderson’s work in Yes with the electronically classically tinged stylings of Vangelis to produce a work that is near masterpiece in its quality. It is a life-affirming, positive piece. Among the other highlights of the disc are “Deborah” and “He Is Sailing.” If you only buy one Jon & Vangelis album, choose the best-of collection. However, if you opt for a second disc, this is the one.’


Jon Anderson – Vocals
Vangelis – Keyboards / Synthesisers / Programming
Dick Morrissey – Saxophone


Jon and Vangelis – Private Collection Tracklist

  1.  Italian Song 0:00
  2.  And When The Night Comes 2:56
  3.  Deborah 7:32
  4.  Polonaise 12:28 
  5.  He Is Sailing 17:54
  6.  Horizon 24:42

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