Klaus Schulze – Picture Music

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      Picture Music is the fourth album of electronic music by German musician Klaus Schulze. It was recorded in late 1974 and released in January 1975 on Brain Records. In 2005 this was the second Schulze album reissued by Revisited Records. This is the only Klaus Schulze solo album in which he can be heard playing a drum kit. The album has gone on to be one of the most innovative electronic music releases from the German music scene and paved the way for Schulze’s breakthrough opus “Timewind”. Over 30 years later, “Picture Music” still does not disappoint and sounds just as modern as it did when it was initially recorded. The original album included two long tracks. The opening track “Totem” is a nearly 24-minute tour-de-force consisting of a hypnotic bubbling sequencer rhythm and cosmic synth leads. The piece builds with intesity as it approaches the middle with the rhythm speeding up building to a climax which leads to a calm cathedral-like organ finale. The other track, “Mental Door” begins with what almost sounds like a continuation of “Totem” before shifting into an improvised chordal synth lead giving way to a Krautrock jam with Schulze playing drums, percussion and a wild synth solo. The piece then moves into its final section with haunting string-synth chords and the drum beat being pushed to the back of the mix.

Klaus Schulze – EMS VCS3 synthesizer, ARP Odyssey synthesizer, ARP 2600 synthesizer, Farfisa Professional Duo organ, drums, percussion


Klaus Schulze – Picture Music Tracklist

  1. 00:00 – Totem [23.52]
  2. 23:52 – Mental Door [23.02]

Klaus Schulze - Picture Music

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