Kraftwerk – The Man-Machine

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      The Man-Machine (German: Die Mensch-Maschine) is the seventh studio album by German electronic music band Kraftwerk, released in May 1978. It includes the singles “The Model” and “The Robots”. Upon its release, the NME stated, “The Man Machine stands as one of the pinnacles of 70’s rock music

      Steve Huey: ‘The Man-Machine is closer to the sound and style that would define early new wave electro-pop — less minimalistic in its arrangements and more complex and danceable in its underlying rhythms. Like its predecessor, Trans-Europe Express, there is the feel of a divided concept album, with some songs devoted to science fiction-esque links between humans and technology, often with electronically processed vocals (“The Robots,” “Spacelab,” and the title track); others take the glamour of urbanization as their subject (“Neon Lights” and “Metropolis”). Plus, there’s “The Model,” a character sketch that falls under the latter category but takes a more cynical view of the title character’s glamorous lifestyle. More pop-oriented than any of their previous work, the sound of The Man-Machine — in particular among Kraftwerk’s oeuvre — had a tremendous impact on the cold, robotic synth pop of artists like Gary Numan, as well as Britain’s later new romantic movement. ‘


Kraftwerk – The Man-Machine Tracklist

1. The Robots: 0:00
2. Spacelab: 6:12
3. Metropolis: 12:09
4. The Model: 18:13
5. Neon Lights: 21:58
6. The Man-Machine: 30:55

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