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      Wikipedia: Magma (reissued under the name Kobaïa) is the debut album by zeuhl artists Magma, which was released as a double-LP in 1970. In the course of this album, the band tells the story of a group of people fleeing a doomed Earth to settle on the fictional planet Kobaïa.

      Magma – Kobaia (simplement intitulé Magma à l’origine) est le premier album du groupe Magma. On entend pour la première fois sur cet album le kobaïen, une langue construite inventée par Christian Vander. Cet album raconte l’histoire d’un équipage humain qui s’enfuit vers Kobaïa pour échapper au désastre qui arrive sur Terre.

      Progarchives: Magma’s debut was, in many ways, their most daunting and challenging release. Curiously, there are moments of great beauty here, soft passages expressed on piano and flute. I think this serves to make the darker passages all the more harrowing. The darkness of the music is underscored by the vocals-Klaus Blasquiz’ Wagnerian basso profundo and Christian Vander’s inhuman screeching. I think that this all combines to make this seem like water torture to the neophyte Magma listener. Indeed, it took me a long time to come back to this release after my first listen. This is one you have to spend a long time with to appreciate. It’s also perhaps their jazziest release, with lots of stellar reed work from Teddy Lasry and Richard Raux. I don’t think I’d recommend anyone starting with Magma – Kobaia if you’ve never heard any Magma before, but it is an excellent release. It’s just got a bit of a “time-release” appeal.

Klaus Basquiz – vocals
François Cahen – piano
Claude Engel – guitars, flute, vocals
Teddy Lasry – soprano sax, flute
Richard Raux – alto and tenor sax, flute
Alain “Paco” Charlery – trumpet, percussion
Francis Moze – electric bass, contrabass
Christian Vander – drums, vocals


Magma – Kobaia Tracklist

1. Kobaia (0:00-10:08)
2. Aina (10:09-16:24)
3. Malaria (16:25-20:46)
4. Sohia (20:47-28:28)
5. Sckxyss (28:29-31:15)
6. Aurae (31:16-42:08)
7. Thaud Zaia (42:09-49:09)
8. Nau Ektila (49:10-1:02:06)
9. Stoah (1:02:07-1:10:15)
10. Muh (1:10:16-1:21:34)

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