Michael Franks – Sleeping Gypsy

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       Sleeping Gypsy is a jazz vocal album by Michael Franks, released in 1977 with Warner Bros. Records. It was Franks’ third studio album after The Art of Tea and prior to Burchfield Nines.

      Stephen J. Matteo; After the success of The Art of Tea, Michael Franks was able to more confidently move closer to the kind of music he wanted to make. Employing a more exotic Brazilian feel on Michael Franks – Sleeping Gypsy, with lush orchestration (courtesy of veteran jazz arranger and conductor Claus Ogerman), Franks moved his acoustic guitar work to the background to create a romantic sound with no sappiness. With “Down in Brazil” and, particularly, “Antonio’s Song,” his ode to Antonio Carlos Jobim, Franks was doing with Brazilian music for the rock crowd in the ’70s what Stan Getz did for the jazz crowd in the ’60s. He again employed his witty wordplay and evocative storytelling ability on “B’wana-He No Home,” a song about a time when Dan Hicks was staying at his house while Franks was away. A romantic, elegant and important album in bringing Brazilian music to a wider audience. ‘


Michael Franks – Sleeping Gypsy Tracklist

  1.  The Lady Wants to Know
  2.  I Really Hope It’s You
  3.  In the Eye of the Storm
  4.  B’wana-He No Home
  5.  Don’t Be Blue
  6.  Antonio’s Song (The Rainbow)
  7.  Chain Reaction
  8.  Down in Brazil

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