Mike Rutherford – Smallcreep’s Day

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      Wikipedia: Smallcreep’s Day is the first solo album by Genesis bassist and guitarist Mike Rutherford. It was released in 1980 and reached number 13 in the UK Albums Chart.

The album was produced by David Hentschel, who also produced the Genesis album Duke the same year. Anthony Phillips, Rutherford’s original songwriting partner in Genesis, plays keyboards on the album. It was recorded at ABBA’s Polar Studios in Stockholm, Sweden, for tax purposes, in the fall of 1979. The title suite (occupying side 1 of the original European vinyl version and side 2 of the original US and Canadian vinyl versions) is based on the dark, surrealist novel of the same name by Peter Currell Brown, adapted by Rutherford to have a happy ending.


Mike Rutherford – Smallcreep’s Day Tracklist

  1.  Between The Tick & The Tock 00:00
  2.  Working In Line 03:59
  3.  After Hours 07:07
  4.  Cats And Rats (In This Neighbourhood) 08:52
  5.  Smallcreep Alone 13:44
  6.  Out Into The Daylight 15:09
  7.  At The End Of The Day 19:02
  8.  Moonshine 24:41
  9.  Time And Time Again 31:07
  10.  Romani 36:01
  11.  Every Road 41:28
  12.  Overnight Job 45:44

Ant Phillips – keyboards
Noel McCalla – vocals
Simon Phillips – drums
Morris Pert – percussion
Mike Rutherford – guitars, basses

Produced & Engineered by David Hentschel of Dukeslodge Enterprises, Assisted by David Bascombe
Recorded at Polar Studios, Stockholm
Mixed at Maison Rouge Studios, London
Cover designed and photography by Hipgnosis

Mike Rutherford - Smallcreep's Day

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