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      John Bush ‘ Following a notorious flirtation with alternative rock, Moby returned to the electronic dance mainstream on the 1997 album I Like to Score. With 1999’s Moby – Play, he made yet another leap back toward the electronica base that had passed him by during the mid-’90s. The first two tracks, “Honey” and “Find My Baby,” weave short blues or gospel vocal samples around rather disinterested breakbeat techno. This version of blues-meets-electronica is undoubtedly intriguing to the all-important NPR crowd, but it is more than just a bit gimmicky to any techno fans who know their Carl Craig from Carl Cox. Fortunately, Moby redeems himself in a big way over the rest of Moby – Play with a spate of tracks that return him to the evocative, melancholy techno that’s been a specialty since his early days. The tinkly piano line and warped string samples on “Porcelain” frame a meaningful, devastatingly understated vocal from the man himself, while “South Side” is just another pop song by someone who shouldn’t be singing — that is, until the transcendent chorus redeems everything. Surprisingly, many of Moby’s vocal tracks are highlights; he has an unerring sense of how to frame his fragile vocals with sympathetic productions. Occasionally, the similarities to contemporary dance superstars like Fatboy Slim and Chemical Brothers are just a bit too close for comfort, as on the stale big-beat anthem “Bodyrock.” Still, Moby shows himself back in the groove after a long hiatus, balancing his sublime early sound with the breakbeat techno evolution of the ’90s.’


Moby – Play Tracklist

  1. [00:01] – Honey
  2. [03:28] – Find My Baby
  3. [07:27] – Porcelain
  4. [11:28] – Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
  5. [15:53] – South Side
  6. [19:42] – Rushing
  7. [22:42] – Bodyrock
  8. [26:18] – Natural Blues
  9. [30:31] – Machete
  10. [34:12] – 7
  11. [35:11] – Run On
  12. [38:56] – Down Slow
  13. [40:32] – If Things Were Perfect
  14. [44:50] – Everloving
  15. [48:15] – Inside
  16. [53:02] – Guitar Flute & String
  17. [55:13] – The Sky Is Broken
  18. [59:33] – My Weakness

Moby - Play

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