Of Monsters And Men – My Head Is An Animal

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      Matt Collar: Of Monsters and Men’s 2012 full-length debut, My Head Is an Animal, features more of the Icelandic band’s acoustic-driven alt-rock featured on their 2011 EP Into the Woods. Showcasing the dual singer/guitarist/songwriters Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir and Ragnar “Raggi” Pórhallsson, the album also displays the six-piece ensemble’s grand and anthemic style with a bent toward passionate folk-rock uplift and more layered, introspective moments. In that sense, the band brings to mind the work of such similarly inclined contemporaries as Arcade Fire, Angus & Julia Stone, and Mumford & Sons. While such cuts as the peppy, horn-driven “Little Talks,” “Six Weeks,” “Love Love Love,” and “From Finner” are carryovers from Into the Woods, elsewhere we get the cinematic build of “King and Lionheart,” the catchy, Florence + the Machine-sounding singalong “Mountain Sound,” and the reverb-laden “Lakehouse.” There’s even the very ’60s Celtic folk-meets-Ennio Morricone number “Your Bones.” Thoughtfully crafted and full of melancholic lyricism and quietly desperate romanticism, Of Monsters And Men – My Head Is An Animal should appeal to any fan — whether man or monster — of sweet and wide-eyed folk-rock.’


Of Monsters And Men – My Head Is An Animal Tracklist

  1.  Dirty Paws 0:00
  2.  King and Lionheart 4:38
  3.  Mountain Sound 9:11
  4.  Slow and Steady 12:42
  5.  From Finner 17:43
  6.  Little Talks 21:26
  7.  Six Weeks 25:52
  8.  Love Love Love 31:26
  9.  Your Bones 35:24
  10.  Sloom 39:33
  11.  Lakehouse 44:17
  12.  Yellow Light 48:52

Of Monsters And Men - My Head Is An Animal

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