Pain of Salvation – Falling Home

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      Lauryn Plummer: ‘PAIN OF SALVATION are back with a stripped down acoustic album. 3 years since their last album “Road Salt Two” this album is seen as a follow up to the 2004 album “12:5”. The whole album was a reimagined version of 8 of their original tracks from different albums/EPs that the band has produced since forming in 1991. The album also includes a new song “Falling Home” (coincidently the name of the album) and two special covers of DIO’s “Holy Diver” and Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” Starting off with the redo of 1997 track “Stress” you really see that the band have stripped down everything that they had on the song to begin with, there are less drums, less guitars, less of everything really. As for the song even if it was titles “Stress” it’s like a get up and go kind of song, personally I think it would relive any “Stress” and just make you feel so much better about your day, throughout the song you just get random bursts of instruments, a bug part that to me represent little bursts of energy that are an instant mood changer, I think that’s a really big thing in the song to pick up…. You can see that as a band they have made sure that the transition between track to track has flowed smoothly, and because they’re songs from different albums it was important that the transition was easy, and these guys have executed it so well, you wouldn’t even think that the tracks have come from different albums. …. Finally the album title and last song of 9th album to be released from the band is “Falling Home” now this is definitely a way to end an album, it’s just a full on acoustic song from the start, all the way through you just have guitars and vocals which is how any acoustic song should be, and I think it just ties the whole album together. All in all what another great album from PAIN OF SALVATION.’


Pain of Salvation – Falling Home Tracklist

00:00 Stress (Entropia – 1997)
05:28 Linoleum (Road Salt One – 2010)
10:26 To The Shoreline (Road Salt Two – 2011)
13:28 Holy Diver (Cover of Dio)
17:58 1979 (Road Salt Two – 2011)
20:46 She Likes To Hide* (Road Salt One – 2010)
23:41 Chain Sling (Remedy Lane – 2002)
27:44 Perfect Day(Cover of Lou Reed)
32:33 Spitfall (Scarsick – 2007)
39:13 Mrs. Modern Mother Mary (Scarsick – 2007)
43:35 Flame to the Moth (Scarsick – 2007)
48:03 King of Loss* (Perfect Element I – 2000)
55:13 Falling Home (Falling Home – 2014)

Daniel Gildenlöw – lead vocals, acoustic guitars
Ragnar Zolberg – acoustic guitars, vocals
Gustaf Hielm – acoustic basses, upright bass, vocals
Daniel Karlsson – rhodes, organs, vocals
Léo Margarit – drums, vocals

Pain of Salvation - Falling Home

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