Pat Metheny Group – American Garage

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      Richard S. Ginell: ‘The back liner photo gives the impression of a grungy Midwestern garage band, but no, that doesn’t describe this sophisticated jazz-rock quartet, which was simultaneously breaking into mass-market acceptance and away from the contemplative ECM stereotype. The arrangements are more structured, the playing often more intense and searching, with a more pronounced rock influence. On the title track, Metheny digs in and displays some authoritative rock-oriented licks and intensity, and the rhythms on “The Search” have a slight, at times asymmetrical Latin feeling. The nearly 13-minute “The Epic” finds the Metheny group developing some real combustion in the improvised sections as Metheny, keyboardist Lyle Mays, bassist Mark Egan and drummer Danny Gottlieb grow tighter as a unit. In hindsight, some of the music seems a bit too tightly conceived to allow adequate breathing room, but this is still high-quality jazz-rock for its time.’


Pat Metheny Group – American Garage tracklist

1. (Cross the) Heartland
2. Airstream
3. The Search
4. American Garage
5. The Epic

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