REM – Automatic for the People

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      Automatic for the People is the eighth album by the American alternative rock band R.E.M., released in 1992 on Warner Bros. Records. Upon release, it reached number two on the U.S. album charts and yielded six singles. The album has sold 18 million copies worldwide and is widely considered one of the best records released in the 1990s.


      Stephen Thomas Erlewine: ‘Turning away from the sweet pop of Out of Time, R.E.M. created a haunting, melancholy masterpiece with REM – Automatic for the People . At its core, the album is a collection of folk songs about aging, death, and loss, but the music has a grand, epic sweep provided by layers of lush strings, interweaving acoustic instruments, and shimmering keyboards. R.E.M. – Automatic for the People captures the group at a crossroads, as they moved from cult heroes to elder statesmen, and the album is a graceful transition into their new status. It is a reflective album, with frank discussions on mortality, but it is not a despairing record — “Nightswimming,” “Everybody Hurts,” and “Sweetness Follows” have a comforting melancholy, while “Find the River” provides a positive sense of closure. R.E.M. have never been as emotionally direct as they are on Automatic for the People, nor have they ever created music quite as rich and timeless, and while the record is not an easy listen, it is the most rewarding record in their oeuvre.’


REM – Automatic for the People Tracklist

  1. Drive- 0:00
  2. Try Not To Breathe- 4:31
  3. The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite- 8:21
  4. Everybody Hurts-12:30
  5. New Orleans Instrumental No.1- 17:50
  6. Sweetness Follows- 20:05
  7. Monty Got A Raw Deal- 24:26
  8. Ignoreland- 27:46
  9. Star Me Kitten- 32:17
  10. Man on the Moon- 35:29
  11. Nightswimming-40:42
  12. Find the River- 44:59

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