Rod Stewart – Every Picture Tells A Story

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      Stephen Thomas Erlewine: ‘Without greatly altering his approach, Rod Stewart perfected his blend of hard rock, folk, and blues on his masterpiece, Every Picture Tells a Story. Marginally a harder-rocking album than Gasoline Alley — the Faces blister on the Temptations cover “(I Know I’m) Losing You,” and the acoustic title track goes into hyper-drive with Mick Waller’s primitive drumming — the great triumph of Every Picture Tells a Story lies in its content. Every song on the album, whether it’s a cover or original, is a gem, combining to form a romantic, earthy portrait of a young man joyously celebrating his young life. Of course, “Maggie May” — the ornate, ringing ode about a seduction from an older woman — is the centerpiece, but each song, whether it’s the devilishly witty title track or the unbearably poignant “Mandolin Wind,” has the same appeal. And the covers, including definitive readings of Bob Dylan’s “Tomorrow Is Such a Long Time” and Tim Hardin’s “Reason to Believe,” as well as a rollicking “That’s All Right,” are equally terrific, bringing new dimension to the songs. Rod Stewart – Every Picture Tells A Story is a beautiful album, one that has the timeless qualities of the best folk, yet one that rocks harder than most pop music — few rock albums are quite this powerful or this rich. ‘


Rod Stewart – Every Picture Tells A Story Tracklist

  1.  Every Picture Tells A Story [00:00]
  2.  Seems Like A Long Time [05:59]
  3.  That’s All Right [10:00]
  4.  Amazing Grace [14:02]
  5.  Tomorrow Is A Long Time [16:03]
  6.  Henry [19:47]
  7.  Maggie May [20:18]
  8.  Mandolin Wind [25:36]
  9.  (I Know) I’m Losing You [31:11]
  10.  Reason To Believe [36:37]

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