Steve Winwood – Arc Of A Diver

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      ‘William Ruhlmann’: Utterly unencumbered by the baggage of his long years in the music business, Winwood reinvents himself as a completely contemporary artist on this outstanding album, leading off with his best solo song, “While You See a Chance.” Winwood also plays all the instruments. ‘–Don Harrison’  He wasn’t Little Stevie, the 16-year-old phenom who set mid- ’60s London blazing with his Ray Charles-like vocals, anymore. He was a half-forgotten ex-member of some of rock’s most progressive (Traffic) and vilified (Blind Faith) bands, and he was considering leaving show business while recording this–his second album–alone and without a backup band. Steve Winwood – Arc Of A Diver reflects a resigned-to-fate mood. It boasts a synth-heavy, dub-like ambience, with dirge-y tracks like “Spanish Dancer” and the wistful single “While You See a Chance” all but zoning out of your speakers. The fates were kind, though. Recording the single, Winwood inadvertently erased the drum intro. This spacey alteration, together with his catchiest tune since “Paper Sun,” catapulted the song onto the charts. In a few years he would be among the top-selling vocalists in the world. His mood was lighter. He could afford to hire engineers that didn’t make mistakes. 


Steve Winwood – Arc Of A Diver Tracklist

  1. “While You See a Chance” – 0:00
  2. “Arc of a Diver” (Winwood, Vivian Stanshall) – 5:15
  3. “Second-Hand Woman” (Winwood, George Fleming) – 10:45
  4. “Slowdown Sundown”- 14:30
  5. “Spanish Dancer”-19:55
  6. “Night Train”- 25:58
  7. “Dust” (Winwood, Fleming) – 33:49 

Steve Winwood - Arc Of A Diver

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