The Shins – Oh, Inverted World

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      Heather Phares: ‘the Shins’ first full-length is a definitive indie rock album of the 2000s not just because of its thoughtful, tuneful songs, but also because of the vivid portrait it painted of indie culture. After the high irony of Pavement and other ’90s standard bearers, indie rock began moving into more emotionally forthright territory. Oh, Inverted World is the sound of realizing there’s more to life than being a smart-aleck — but also not being ready to open up completely. The album’s first song, “Caring Is Creepy,” sums up the typical indie response to emotional situations with its title alone, but it also introduces James Mercer’s delicate, dryly witty take on that attitude. Hyper-literate lyrics like “It’s a luscious mix of words and tricks” suggest someone who’s better with words than with feelings, yet Mercer’s high, wavering tones — which are as awkward as they are beautiful — prove otherwise. Caring might be creepy, but it’s hard to avoid; the rest of Oh, Inverted World chronicles this post-ironic vulnerability, wrapping it in jangly guitar pop that echoes the Kinks, Zombies, and Beach Boys. This may not be the most innovative sound, but it makes Mercer’s boy-meets-girl, boy-runs-away, boy-comes-back, girl-runs-away travails all the more familiar and relatable. And, of course, just how good the album’s songs are can’t be overlooked. “Know Your Onion” practically jumps out of its skin, bursting with British Invasion riffs and angst that goes way beyond adolescence; ….   The Shins – Oh, Inverted World is so full of ideas and emotions, and so fully realized, that it’s hard to believe it’s just 33 minutes long. Whether or not the album lives up to the breathless “It’ll change your life!” claims made about it in Garden State, the less ironic direction of 2000s indie begins here.’


The Shins – Oh, Inverted World Tracklist

  1.  Caring Is Creepy – 00:00
  2.  One By One All Day – 3:20
  3.  Weird Divide – 7:27
  4.  Know Your Onion! – 9:26
  5.  Girl Inform Me – 11:55
  6.  New Slang – 14:14
  7.  The Celibate Life – 18:08
  8.  Girl On The Wing – 19:57
  9.  Your Algebra – 22:47
  10. Pressed In A Book – 25:10
  11. The Past And Pending – 28:07

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