Weezer – Blue Album

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      Stephen Thomas Erlewine: Even if you lived through it, it’s hard to fathom exactly why Weezer were disliked, even loathed, when they released their debut album in the spring of 1994. If you grew up in the years after the heyday of grunge, it may even seem absurd that the band were considered poseurs, hair metal refugees passing themselves off as alt-rock by adapting a few tricks from the Pixies and Nirvana songbooks and sold to MTV with stylish videos. Nevertheless, during alt-rock’s heyday of 1994, Weezer was second only to Stone Temple Pilots as an object of scorn, bashed by the rock critics and hipsters alike. Time has a way of healing, even erasing, all wounds, and time has been nothing but kind to Weezer’s eponymous debut album (which would later be dubbed Weezer – Blue Album, due to the blue background of the cover art). At the time of its release, the group’s influences were discussed endlessly — the dynamics of the Pixies, the polished production reminiscent of Nevermind, the willful outsider vibe borrowed from indie rock — but few noted how the group, under the direction of singer/songwriter Rivers Cuomo, synthesized alt-rock with a strong ’70s trash-rock predilection and an unwitting gift for power pop, resulting in something quite distinctive. ….. — in that case, Weezer is a record with at least six or seven great songs and no bad ones. That makes for a great record, but more than that, it’s a great record emblematic of its time, standing as one of the defining albums of the ’90s. ‘


Weezer – Blue Album Tracklist

  1.  My Name Is Jonas. 
  2.  No One Else. 
  3.  The World Has Turned. 
  4.  Buddy Holly.
  5.  The Sweater Song. 
  6.  Surf Wax America. 
  7.  Say It Ain’t So. 
  8.  In the Garage.
  9.  Holiday. 
  10.  Only In Dreams 

Weezer - Blue Album

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