Wicked Lady – The Axeman Cometh

Wicked Lady – The Axeman Cometh

      Ned Raggett: ‘To say Wicked Lady were an ultimate cult band is almost an understatement — the U.K. power trio’s contemporary reputation was derived solely from a small if committed live fan base. The Axeman Cometh, with original bassist Bob Jeffries, covering selections from 1969 to 1972, comes from tapes that lead figure Martin Weaver freely admitted in 2012 were done just to keep clear how the songs were performed. Part of the appeal lies in how good everything sounds — for basement recordings by a band with no resources, even the earliest songs stand up pretty well. Vocals are a bit distanced at times, but both the basic riffing and the enthusiastic if unremarkable drumming are clear enough. That the trio was a product of its time is perfectly evident, but for all the heavy riffing the band is playing with, there are moments of individual flair, with Weaver’s own work sounding especially inspired, mixing yank-’em, crank-’em tendencies with solid senses of mood while never losing sight of the core rhythm work…… If “War Cloud” sounds more like a bit of moody folkiness filtered through a touch of Deep Purple, the sentiments aren’t far removed from Black Sabbath. But the instrumental title track, with Weaver pulling off some double-tracked solos careening beautifully over the central chug, is pretty close to its own beast.’


Wicked Lady Tracklist

  1.  Run The Night
  2.  War Cloud
  3.  The Axeman Cometh
  4.  Life And Death
  5.  Wicked Lady
  6.  Out Of The Dark
  7.  Rebel
  8.  Living On The Edge

Release Date: 1994
Duration: 01:00:01
Genre: Pop/Rock
Styles: Hard Rock
Recording Date 1969 – 1972

Wicked Lady

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