Marcel Everett (born October 31, 1995),[4] better known as XXYYXX, is an electronic musician and producer from Orlando, Florida signed to Relief in Abstract. He is most notable for gaining prominence within the indie music culture, despite his young age and experimental lo-fi music, which he made in his bedroom with FL Studio and software from Ableton. Everett himself described his music as “Doing drugs on a freeway…underwater,” in an interview with Relief in Abstract. His style was also likened to Clams Casino, Senhouse, Zomby, Burial, James Blake and The Weeknd. His musical influences include Lapalux, Star Slinger, Disclosure and Shlohmo.
XXYYXX has also made remixes for artists such as Tinashe and Usher. sputnikmusic.com: …, his self-titled effort walks the tried and true path of ghastly sampling and wonky melodies like most contenders in the genre. While a few tracks wallow in mediocrity, there’s real potential lying in the framework of XXYYXX. Synthesizers foam at the mouths of several songs here, while others get by on minimalist percussion, but the best songs, particularly “About You”, create the most chilling moments on the album because they efficiently do both. When you feel these songs’ magic, you can easily excuse the little bit of garbage that exists on this album, and you can also expect great things to come from this young producer in the future.



  1. (0:00) About you
  2. (4:06) Good Enough
  3. (8:26) Fields
  4. (11:56) Set It Off
  5. (15:56) Alone
  6. (19:51) DMT
  7. (24:10) Breeze
  8. (27:10) Closer
  9. (30:36) Forest Fires
  10. (34:47) Never Leave
  11. (38:49) Witching Hour
  12. (43:10) Love Isn’t Made (ft.Steffaloo)
  13. (45:53) TIED2U
  14. (49:11) Overdone (ft.Anneka)

http://xxyyxx.bandcamp.com/album/xxyyxx (Officiel Bandcamp)
https://www.facebook.com/frofimusic?f… (Official FB page)
http://soundcloud.com/xxyyxx/ (Official Soundcloud page)
http://www.last.fm/music/XXYYXX/XXYYX… (Official Last.FM)


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