Yo la Tengo – Fakebook

Yo la Tengo – Fakebook

      John Dougan: ‘Recommending Fakebook as the best place to begin a relationship with Yo La Tengo is slightly disingenuous, mainly because Yo La Tengo has never made another record like it, and perhaps never will. So, as completely wonderful as this record is, it’s an accurate representation of one side of Yo La Tengo, and assuming that everything sounds like Fakebook might be disappointing. A collection of cover songs that lean toward the idiosyncratic (e.g., Peter Stampfel, Daniel Johnston, Jad Fair), Fakebook is warm, low-key, and lovely, with heartfelt singing and playing that never flags after hundreds of replays. It’s impossible to imagine playing this record and not smiling and singing along. A big bonus is a great version of the Flamin’ Groovies’ “You Tore Me Down.”


Yo la Tengo – Fakebook Tracklist

  1. Can’t Forget – (Ira Kaplan)
  2. Griselda — 2:19 (Antonia)
  3. Here Comes My Baby — 4:21 (Cat Stevens)
  4. Barnaby, Hardly Working — 6:54 (Georgia Hubley, Kaplan)
  5. Yellow Sarong — 11:24 (The Scene is Now)
  6. You Tore Me Down — 13:07 (The Flamin’ Groovies)
  7. Emulsified — 16:03 (Rex Garvin & The Mighty Cravers)
  8. Speeding Motorcycle — 18:55 (Daniel Johnston)
  9. Tried So Hard — 22:19 (Gene Clark)
  10. The Summer — 24:40 (Hubley, Kaplan)
  11. Oklahoma, U.S.A. — 27:19 (Ray Davies)
  12. What Comes Next — 29:43 (Ira Kaplan)
  13. The One to Cry — 33:03 (The Escorts)
  14. Andalucia — 35:04 (John Cale)
  15. Did I Tell You — 38:44 (Kaplan)
  16. What Can I Say — 42:10 (Joey Spampinato)

Yo la Tengo - Fakebook

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