Gene Clark – No Other

      Thom Jurek: ‘Upon its release in 1974, Gene Clark’s No Other was soundly reviled as an exercise in studio and financial excess, a critical and commercial failure — it was pop music’s Heaven’s Gate. However, a scant year and a half later, Fleetwood Mac’s self-titled album and its successor, Rumours, utilizing similar performance and production techniques, were adored by critics and the record-buying public, and have become cultural mainstays. The appearance of Gene Clark – No Other on CD in America some 26 years after its release offers the opportunity to hear this record for what it was: a solidly visionary recording that decided to use every available means to illustrate Gene Clark’s razor-sharp songwriting that lent itself to open-ended performance and production — often in the same song (one listen to the title track bears this out in spades). Clark and producer Thomas Jefferson Kaye entered Village Recorders in L.A. having assembled a cast of players that included …. What it adds up to is a sprawling, ambitious work that brought elements of country, folk, jazzed-out gospel, blues, and trippy rock to bear on a song cycle that reflects the mid-’70s better than anything from that time, yet sounds hauntingly timely even now.…..This is one of those recordings, one that is being rediscovered for the masterpiece it is. … and as it stands it is a stunning — if completely misunderstood — milestone in Clark’s oeuvre.’


Gene Clark – No Other Tracklist

  1. 0:00:00 – Life’s Greatest Fool
  2. 0:04:44 – Silver Raven
  3. 0:09:37 – No Other
  4. 0:14:44 – Strength Of Strings
  5. 0:21:15 – From A Silver Phial
  6. 0:24:56 – Some Misunderstanding
  7. 0:33:06 – True One
  8. 0:37:05 – Lady Of The North
  9. 0:43:14 – Train Leaves Here This Morning
  10. 0:48:18 – Life’s Greatest Fool (Demo)
  11. 0:52:43 – Silver Raven (Demo)
  12. 0:55:47 – No Other (Demo)
  13. 0:59:50 – From A Silver Phial (Demo)
  14. 1:03:36 – Some Misunderstanding (Demo)
  15. 1:09:01 – Lady Of The North (Demo)

Gene Clark - No Other

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