Madonna – Rebel Heart

Madonna – Rebel Heart

Caryn Ganz from Rolling Stone felt that the album focused on two subjects: listening to one’s heart and being a rebel. Madonna explained that these concepts were not the initial inspiration, but emerged during the sessions with Avicii. One group of musicians explored an upbeat approach to songwriting, while the other team chose darker chords. Madonna observed two distinct themes emerging organically, and felt the need to express that. So the record was titled as Rebel Heart, since it dealt with two different facades of the singer—her rebellious and renegade side, and her romantic side.  A generally pop record, Rebel Heart was different from Madonna’s releases in the last decade according to Bradley Stern from MuuMuse. He called it an “eclectic record” merging an array of musical genres like 1990s house, to trap, to reggae to usage of acoustic guitars. Stern felt that unlike chasing the current musical trends—like those of Hard Candy (2008) and MDNA—the album was progressive in its sound. Jed Gottlieb from Boston Herald found the album to continue Madonna’s “increasingly interesting, innovative approach” by combining contemporary musical styles with her previous tastes. He found Rebel Heart to be an improvement from the generic dance tunes in MDN. Overall this is probably her best album in years, landing Madonna squarely back on the musical chess board as the Queen of Pop.


Madonna – Rebel Heart Tracklist

01. Living For Love 00:00
02. Devil Pray 03:39
03. Ghosttown 07:43
04. Unapologetic Bitch 11:53
05. Illuminati 15:46
06. Bitch I’m Madonna (feat Nicki Minaj) 19:30
07. Hold Tight 23:17
08. Joan Of Arc 26:54
09. Iconic (feat Chance the Rapper & Mike Tyson) 30:56
10. HeartBreakCity 35:30
11. Body Shop 39:03
12. Holy Water 42:41
13. Inside Out 46:52
14. Wash All Over Me 51:13
15. Best Night 55:16
16. Veni Vidi Vici (feat Nas) 58:50
17. S.E.X. 1:03:29
18. Messiah 1:07:40
19. Rebel Heart 1:11:04
20. Beautiful Scars 1:14:25
21. Borrowed Time 1:18:44
22. Addicted 1:22:08
23. Graffiti Heart 1:25:42
24. Living for Love (Paulo & Jackinsky Full Vocal Mix) 1:29:20
25. Living for Love (Funk Generation & H3drush Dub) 1:36:35 

Madonna - Rebel Heart

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