Prefab Sprout – Swoon

Prefab Sprout – Swoon

Swoon is the first album by English pop band Prefab Sprout, released in March 1984. It has a markedly different, and less accessible, musical feel than their later works, featuring intricate guitar-based compositions that drew comparisons with Steely Dan and Aztec Camera.

AMG Review: Paddy McAloon had not yet found the key to the elegant compositions that made Prefab Sprout distinctive when it came time to record their debut, Swoon. He certainly tries hard to make his sophisticated contemporary pop sound distinctive, but the problem is that he does too many things at once — the lyrics are overstuffed, and the music has too many chord changes and weird juxtapositions, as he tries to put white-funk beats to carefully crafted melodies. A few moments work, such as “Couldn’t Bear to Be Special,” but Swoon is primarily of interest as a historical item, since it only suggests the promise the band later filled. –by Stephen Thomas Erlewine


Prefab Sprout – Swoon Tracklist

  1. 00:00 Don’t Sing
  2. 03:53 Cue Fanfare
  3. 07:57 Green Isaac I
  4. 11:28 Here on the Eerie
  5. 15:28 Cruel
  6. 19:50 Couldn’t Bear to be Special
  7. 23:38 I Never Play Basketball Now
  8. 27:20 Ghost Town Blues
  9. 30:41 Elegance
  10. 34:27 Technique
  11. 39:05 Green Isaac II

Prefab Sprout - Swoon

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