Alphaville – Forever Young

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      Tim DiGravina: ‘Alphaville’s 1984 debut, Alphaville – Forever Young, deserves to be viewed as a classic synth pop album. There’s no doubting that Germans are behind the crystalline Teutonic textures and massive beats that permeate the album, but vocalist Marian Gold’s impressive ability to handle a Bryan Ferry croon and many impassioned high passages meant the album would have worldwide appeal. Indeed both “Big in Japan” and the touching, sad change-of-pace “Forever Young” raced up the charts in multiple continents. Borrowing inspiration from Roxy Music’s detached theatricality and Kraftwerk’s beats and rhythms, Gold and company hit upon a magic formula that produced here an album’s worth of impossibly catchy tunes that could almost serve as pure definitions for the synth pop genre. The hits race straight for one’s cranium and embed themselves upon impact. …..      The band stick firmly to their synths and sequencers on Alphaville – Forever Young, but they keep things interesting by incorporating motifs from funk, Broadway, Brazilian jazz, and even hip-hop. Even when the band takes itself too seriously, the songs’ catchy drive and consistently smart production cover any thematic holes. Forever Young is a technically perfect and emotionally compelling slice of 1980s electronic pop/rock music. It’s also a wonderfully fun ride from start to finish. ‘


Alphaville – Forever Young Tracklist

  1. 00:00 A victory of Love
  2. 04:16 Summer in Berlin
  3. 09:03 Big in Japan
  4. 13:48 To Germany with Love
  5. 18:01 Fallen Angel
  6. 22:00 Forever Young
  7. 25:47 In the Mood
  8. 30:20 Sounds Like a Melody
  9. 35:06 Lies
  10. 38:39 The Jet Set

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